Consulting from the Owner's Perspective


Real Estate Counsel, Inc. ("REC") was founded in 2004 by 32-year Real Estate veteran, Douglas Thompson, CFA.  The company's core expertise is within two arenas:



Land Use & Vertical Development


The company has provided land use and development services to a variety of private development groups in California, Washington, Texas, New York City, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Florida, and for a diverse set of property types.  


Asset Valuation


REC's practice is highly focused on providing insightful and thorough analysis of real assets, and their respective markets, for clients in three primary industries: Banking, Institutional & Private Equity, and Investment.

The foundation of REC's effectiveness is its depth and breadth of experience in multiple sectors of the real estate industry.  REC's delivery of its work product is executed through it's proprietary analytical programs and data capturing templates.  By combining the ability to gather the appropriate data, and processing it through a sophisticated analytical framework, REC is able to deliver insightful analysis in a timely fashion.


"Doug is a solid real estate professional who combines the ability to stay focused in the details while never losing sight of the big picture."

Richard Romar, CFO, Safanad, Inc.

"Doug is a consummate professional with extremely broad based skills. I for one relied heavily on his expertise and thoroughly enjoyed working with him."

Robert Wehrmeyer, Managing Member, Beucler Properties


We have an unwavering commitment to deliver a thorough, professional, and insightful analysis of your concern in a timely manner. Our in-the-field property experience and in-the-streets capital markets experience provide a unique combination of expertise that continues to impress our clients. Our unmatched experience and technical strategies help us to maximize profits both for ourselves and for our clients. 

Most importantly, we consult from the owner's perspective. The owner's perspective is a paradigm that’s developed from building and operating real estate assets. The paradigm focuses attention solely on what matters to the stakeholders and does not get mired in academia or theory. It also goes well beyond first and second order thinking and considers both short and long term consequences of decision making. 

"I was involved with Doug in the development, construction, and sale of a 63-unit high-rise luxury condo on Fort Lauderdale beach. Doug always had a grasp of all of the issues involving the project, whether large or small, and was able to get to the point quickly to get them solved. Doug would be a tremendous asset to any company or team."

Stephen Hoffman, Partner, Mastriana & Christiansen, PA